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” The culture and foundation of the Knights is the first thing I appreciate. Its built on playing the game the right way with passion and competitiveness. The organization was built from phenomenal baseball people that has translated into great players” 

Zack Zulli – Colorado Rockies


We absolutely love watching all the Knights Knation age groups. They know how to play the game and are coached by fantastic people with an advanced knowledge of the game. In recruiting, knowing what you’re buying is so important. We know when we get a player from the Knights we are getting a great kid, from a great family, who has an advanced work ethic and has been held accountable at the highest of levels.

 Power 5 Recruiting Coordinator


I’ve known Jack Cressend for a long time from his days as a college coach and MLB scout and remember when he started the Knights program. Jack has a tremendous amount of respect in the baseball industry so when we started the Marucci Founders’ Club we knew we wanted to work with him and the Knights. Their incredible growth and evolution into one of the premier travel baseball programs in the country is a testament to Jack and the coaching staff he has involved in their program. Their growth has also been bolstered by partnering with the top high school programs and affiliates throughout the southeast. We enjoy the relationship we have with the Knights program and look forward to it continuing in the future. 

Kyle Achord –Vice President- Team Sales Marucci Sports

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